What is Strong Families AZ?

Strong Families AZ is a network of home visiting programs that helps families raise healthy children ready to succeed in school and in life. Our programs focus on expectant parents and families with children.

Home visitors have helped families just like yours become stronger. We understand you and are here to help you build on the parenting skills you already have. Services are voluntary and are offered at no cost to you.

Home visiting delivers short and long-term benefits for (all types of) families.

Parenting can be overwhelming especially for young families who may be facing a variety of economic, health, social and educational concerns; and that’s where home visiting programs can play a positive role.

Young families who participate in a home visiting program report that they feel more confident, capable, and hopeful for their future and the future of their children.

When families feel supported they are more likely to achieve their full potential and that’s where Strong Families AZ network of partners play an important role, facilitating a more stable existence through one-on-one, tailored counseling and education.

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Did You Know?
Home Visiting reduces healthcare costs and costs associated to incarceration and public assistance.
Receiving a home visit the first four months of a pregnancies results 75% fewer low birth weight babies than those who did not.
Children who received a home visit were 56% more likely to graduate from high school than children who didn’t receive a home visit.
Young families who participate in home visiting report they feel more confident, capable, and hopeful for their children’s future.
When families feel supported they are more likely to achieve their full potential.
Home Visiting provides one-on-one, tailored counseling and education to families.
The home visiting model has saved as much as $5.70 for every $1 invested; equaling about $40,000 in ROI for every family served.
At-risk children who participated in high-quality, voluntary home visiting programs had better cognitive and vocabulary scores by age 6.
One home visitation program has been shown to reduce abuse and neglect among children of low income and high-risk mothers by 77%.
Research shows that investing in early childhood is one of the best, most cost-effective choices states can make to benefit the economy.